woman older eatingCorporate Excellence

To provide the patient with care and support if they cannot fully look after themselves, in their own home, at times that are convenient for them, and in ways they find easiest – for as long as possible.

Work to achieve outcomes that put the patient first, as explained by the California Department of Health Care Services document, “Our Health, Our Care, Our Say: A New Direction for Home Health Care Services,” which promote:

  • Quality of Life
  • Making a positive contribution
  • Freedom from discrimination & harassment
  • Having choice & control
  • Personal dignity & respect
  • Improved health & emotional well-being
  • Economic well-being

Aim to achieve objectives using leadership and working with the client/patient and the client’s/patient’s family to manage the home health care service in a way that makes the most of their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social abilities.

Financial Security

The Company must obtain the financial resources that enable it to accomplish its mission statement and achieve its vision. To do so, the Founders must be fiscally responsible in their management of the Company on a day-to-day basis, as well as in their scaling of its core businesses entities.

Sufficient operating income must be available to support the services necessary to provide patients with the full and complete “Avenue” experience. A cash reserve must be maintained that will sustain the Company in times of challenge.

The Company’s non-profit Foundation must be greatly expanded to provide for the needs of the many Veterans, members of the armed forces, First Responders and their families under financial duress in need of home care services.

Identifying New Clients and Patients

Just as clients and/or patients must ascertain which home care agency can best meet their needs, the agencies must determine which patients best fit their mission statement. Avenue Home Care plans to primarily contract with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for patient flow and control.

Effective collaboration with other health care professionals in the community, i.e. physicians, discharge planners, etc.

Growing the Brand

Widespread changes and fragmented markets in the home care industry have led to a loss of brand awareness among patients. The basic objective of a home care marketing campaign should be to demonstrate how the agency can deliver the best care, the best client/patient experience at the best price for the target market. When an agency backs up that marketing by providing the promised level of care to the customer, clients/patients will recognize the quality in the agency’s brand and deliver the most personal and effective form of advertising: word of mouth.

A Workplace of Choice

Programs are about people, and excellent people will come to and remain with Avenue Home Care only if we are able to establish and maintain our Company as an employer of choice among many agencies, institutions, and providers.